Developing your first Analytics app in Tableau CRM

I am excited to have completed the draft copy of my bookCreating Actionable Insights Using TableauCRM, which will be launched on December 29 of this year.

As a teaser, I wanted to share what is in some of the chapters, coming now to the second chapter. which answers this question:

How do you create and customise your very first TCRM analytics app?

Chapter two walks you through the following:

  • Setting up a development playground for TCRM
  • Learn your way around the Analytics home page
  • What is a TCRM Analytics App?
  • Installing and configuring a TCRM Analytics App
  • An introduction to TCRM Data Manager
  • Customising a TCRM Analytics App
  • Common Questions Answered

Three Things to Note about TCRM Apps:

  1. An app is secure. That is, it can be restricted to the creator, or can be opened up to other users. App-level security is one form of TCRM security.
  2. An app can be shared. There are three ways to share the contents of an app with others for collaboration:
    a. Give access via TCRM
    b. Post to chatter feed
    c. Share via the app URL
  3. An app can be templated. This is a powerful tool that enables the analytics dashboard, data flow, etc., to be packaged and deployed elsewhere.

Fore more information about my book, click here, or reach out to me via LinkedIn.

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