What is TableauCRM and where can you use it?

I am excited to have completed the draft copy of my book, Creating Actionable Insights Using TableauCRM, which will be launched on December 29 of this year.

Users, administrators and developers working with Tableau CRM (TCRM) will be able to put their knowledge to work with this practical guide to TCRM. The book provides a hands-on approach to implementation and associated methodologies that will have you up-and-running, and productive in no time.

Complete with step-by-step explanations of essential concepts, practical examples and self-assessment questions, you will begin to gain confidence and competence in data extraction, combination, transformation, visualisation and action using the TCRM platform.

By the end of the book, you will be able to solve business problems using TCRM to design, build, test and deploy TCRM analytics dashboards.

As a teaser, I wanted to share what is in some of the chapters, beginning with the first chapter.

Chapter One of my book answers this question:

What is TableauCRM and where can you use it?

Tableau CRM (TCRM), formerly known as Einstein Analytics, is the business insights and data analytics platform that Salesforce launched in 2014. With integrated machine learning insights from Einstein Discovery, a powerful framework to action insights directly in CRM, and a variety of native connectors to ingest data from external sources, TCRM is a unique offering in the world of Business Intelligence (BI). 

Chapter one will introduce you to TCRM – what is it, how does it work, and what can it do? It begins with a discussion of data analytics from the perspective of TCRM and investigates what makes this platform different. As there are a great many BI platforms out in the digital world, it is important for you to understand the unique place of TCRM in the data landscape and the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Once you have completed chapter one, regardless of your current understanding of TCRM, you will have a good initial grasp of the platform. Whether you are a business analyst, a Salesforce administrator, or an advanced business user, this chapter will equip you to succinctly communicate the essentials of TCRM to your colleagues. 

Chapter one covers the following topics: 

  • The importance of data analytics 
  • What is Tableau CRM? 
  • What is Tableau CRM used for? 
  • How can you excel at data analytics with TCRM?

For more information about my book, click here.

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