How can you learn CRM Analytics?

Formerly known as Tableau CRM and Einstein Analytics, Salesforce CRM Analytics (CRMA) infuses predictive and prescriptive insights directly in the Salesforce workflow.

“Every Customer 360 digital transformation is a data transformation,” said Susan Emerson, Senior Vice President, Global Product Go-to-Market, Salesforce. “That’s why we built CRM Analytics — a complete, scalable, AI-powered data and analytics platform native to Salesforce. It enables Salesforce customers across every industry to inject visual and predictive insights and recommendations on the next best action deeply into the flow of work.”

If you’re keen to learn this powerful analytics platform that lives in Salesforce, then you’re going to need some help. Fortunately, the Salesforce ecosystem abounds with great learning tools, and this is also true for CRMA.

Here are some helpful resources that I have found for learning CRMA:


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