Holy Cloud – here comes my first Dreamforce!

Thanks to Megan Petersen for asking these thought-provoking questions about my very first Dreamforce next month:

  1. How did you get approval to go to your first Dreamforce?
    My CEO, Neil, and I have been planning this trip some time, and I got approval to go as a reward for performing well in my role.
  2. How have you prepared for Dreamforce? eg flights and accommodation, agenda, meeting up with people.
    Our business arranged the flights and accommodation; I’ve created my agenda in agenda builder and have arranged some meetings with key people, such as Ketan Karkhanis, Salesforce GM of Analytics. Exciting stuff!
  3. What are you packing?
    Comfy shoes; black T-shirts; Blackie & Goldie; Tim Tams as gifts; laptop; bluetooth headphones; …
  4. What are your top priorities for Dreamforce? What did you base these on?
    As far as sessions go, I am focused on Einstein Analytics and Pardot; very keen to network and meet people in real life who are friends on Twitter; excited about Eric Dreshfield’s breakfast; and, I want a selfie with Marc B. 🙂
  5. What sessions do you anticipate will bring the most value?
    Technical and strategic sessions around Einstein Analytics and Pardot.
  6. Not everything is educational at Dreamforce. Apart from the learning opps what are you most looking forward to?
    Chilling with my super cool #Ohana friends; sampling San Fran’s culinary delights; hanging out and strategising with Neil, our CEO.
  7. Have you already thought about post Dreamforce? ie What will be the action items or folow-up plan after the event.
    Neil and I will debrief on the Friday we get back and build a Trello board around learnings, ideas and actions items.

I can’t wait!

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