Brief on Summer’19 Release for Einstein Analytics and Discovery

Some of the features are being added on a rolling basis, not available immediately.
Analytics Setup and Data Integration
  • Connect data in Oracle Eloqua and NetSuite, Amazon redshift.
  • Set Connection Mode for connected Salesforce Objects in one place.
  • Capture newly added fields in Recipes and identify nulls and empty strings in the Recipe Preview.
Analytics Apps Building
  • Filter logic to a lens or step, sort dimension values without writing SAQL statements.
  • New functionality in the Dashboard Inspector makes debugging queries easier.
  • Timeseries SAQL now supports daily and weekly seasonality as well as monthly, quarterly, and yearly seasonality.
  • Revert to previously saved versions of Dashboards, Lenses, and Dataflows using Asset History.
  • Replace grain steps with aggregateflex steps in values tables to create dynamic filters on dashboard widgets and dynamic values table with Bindings 2.0 syntax.
Analytics Prebuilt Apps and Templates
  • New templates for managing environmental sustainability, fund-raising effectiveness, and service delivery in the public sector.

Analytics Intelligence

  • Embed Einstein Discovery Predictions in record page or Dataflow.
  • Build ethical and accountable models with Bias Protection.
  • Einstein Discovery stories are now included in Full Copy Sandboxes.
  • The Story Setup wizard now shows how each field correlates to the story outcome, identifies redundant or outlier data, and suggests bucketing improvements.
  • Scores are now written automatically to selected Salesforce fields in deployed models.

Extending Analytics

  • Embed Einstein Discovery Predictions in any web page of application.


Link to Release notes

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