Hints and Tips for New Admins and taking ADM-201

People have asked me for some thoughts on this, due to my rather unusual story of implementing a new FSC org with no training or experience. I am no expert or authority, but here are some random thoughts: 

  1. Leverage the community. #Ohana !
  2. Trailhead RULES! Seriously, get busy and complete those trails and modules. I spent 40-50 hours a week in Trailhead (and on YouTube) for the 3 weeks before I got hired as a novice admin and implementor. 
  3. There are lots of useful training videos on YouTube. E.g. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB39017CE69F42E50
  4. Read and research every day. I get to work early (<6:30), and I like to spend some time each morning being active in the community and researching online. 
  5. If you have Premier Plus Support, use the free training videos, especially “Administration Essentials for New Admins” and “Preparing for Your Salesforce Administrator Certification”.
  6. Get your hands dirty. Jump in and learn and be willing to make mistakes. If you don’t have a real org to work in, experiment in your dev org. 
  7. My Salesforce Solutions Engineer was, and is, a tremendous help with technical questions regarding mirroring business processes in Salesforce. 
  8. Read blogs. I like Brainiate and Salesforce Ben, for example. 
  9. Listen to the Button Click Admin podcast (@Mike Gerholdt (Salesforce) and @Gillian Bruce (Salesforce)). It’s awesome!

Try! And pray! Being a new Salesforce admin can lead to lots of prayer. LOL.

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure how to do it, say “yes” and then figure out how to do it later.” Richard BransonSalesforce_Certified_Administrator

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